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Finance and other Resources

Are you ready for the unexpected? Have you the resources you need? Do you control them well? Make your business stronger by understanding the issues better, ensure that you have sufficient funding and increase your control of the business.

In today’s economic environment, the efficient use of all your resources is vital. Ashgrove provides an all-round view of these – from people to funding. This can be a formal assessment or just talking through the issues with a simple check list.

Do you feel that you are short of funds? Many businesses do, but is this true? Only a careful, external, look at the situation will confirm this whether this is really so. Some simple changes to the way that you do things can reduce the funds needed and thus release hidden cash. Usually a financial forecast will be needed to determine the funding need and amount. Ashgrove can produce such forecasts in a manner that both you and potential funders will easily understand.

Once the need for funding has been determined, Ashgrove will help get your organisation ready for investment. We will work with you to ensure that you know how to approach fundraising, how to structure your case and what will be asked of you in return. Often funding will be from more than one source, requiring a collaborative approach – key to the way that we work. Our funding review will help by identifying both opportunities and risks, some of which you may have overlooked.

  • The forecast will increase your ability to control your company.
  • We make fundraising quicker and easier (although in today’s environment, no fundraising is easy).
  • We ensure that you fully understand and are involved in each step of the process
  • We will significantly increase the likelihood that you will succeed and reduce your work in this process.


Do you know exactly what your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ is? Are you sure? You know your customers, but have you defined your target market? Have you spotted new opportunities before your competitors?



Do you have a tendency to get caught up in running your organisation and only rarely standing back and thinking about what you are trying to achieve? Do you believe that you have to manage everything because no one can do it as well as you do?



All businesses become more focussed with regular reviews of the whole business and / or any of its vital parts. Find out how we can help to:

  • Identify new opportunites and routes to increase growth
  • Understand which efficiencies will improve profitability