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Ashgrove’s review begins with asking you how you currently see the state of your business. This is followed by some structured easy questions which will result in an easy to read ‘situation report’. This will guide further examination of the business. Particular areas that are explored are Strategy, Marketing (especially eMarketing), Sales, Services and Products, Finance, People and Operations.

All this will indicate areas which will benefit from further work and will improve, often significantly, growth, profitability and efficiency. You will be completely involved in this process and will therefore understand both the processes and the issues as they arise. The output from the review is usually an Action List focussing on the items most important to you first.

  • Identify new opportunities and routes to increase growth
  • Understand which efficiencies will improve profitability
  • Focus on appropriate deadlines
  • Obtain an objective view of the company’s situation and progress


When did you last look at your organisation, your processes and take a step back to look at your overall performance? We can help you make YOUR plan worthwhile and improve your business in the process.



In today’s economic environment, the efficient use of all your resources is vital. Ashgrove provides an all-round view of these – from people to funding. This can take the form of a formal assessment or just talking through the issues with a simple check list. We can often find ways to release hidden cash in the organisation.



Do you know exactly what your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ is? Are you sure? You know your customers, but have you defined your target market? Have you spotted new opportunities before your competitors?