Green Arrow


Do you have a tendency to get caught up in always running your organisation and only rarely standing back and thinking about what you are trying to achieve? Do you believe that you have to manage everything because no one can do it as well as you do??

This is a challenge that we all have and can lead to us spending too much time running the business rather than growing it. Ashgrove helps you by examining your strategy, recording it, challenging with fresh ideas as required and helping you review it at appropriate intervals.

Have you thought about where your business is in the ‘growth cycle’. This is critical to the future investment of your resources. If you are in a steady state, you have the opportunity to put in place the right steps for future growth. You need to understand objectively where your strategy is now, what the opportunities are and how to capitalise on them.

  • An independent, experienced view of your strategy
  • Focus on and maximise growth and profit
  • Gain fresh and positive ideas on your direction
  • Create the environment where you stop managing the business and start leading it
  • Provide an outside perspective so that everyone involved is able to be heard


All businesses become more focussed with regular reviews of the whole business and / or any of its vital parts. Find out how we can help to:

  • Identify new opportunites and routes to increase growth
  • Understand which efficiencies will improve profitability



When did you last look at your organisation, your processes and take a step back to look at your overall performance? We can help you make YOUR plan worthwhile and improve your business in the process.



In today’s economic environment, the efficient use of all your resources is vital. Ashgrove provides an all-round view of these – from people to funding. This can take the form of a formal assessment or just talking through the issues with a simple check list. We can often find ways to release hidden cash in the organisation.